Bergh Hybrid Circuit stands for research, development, pilot series and volume production of various product groups in different target markets. Our production process is flexibly organized to meet the needs of our customers, focusing on long-term relationships. We use innovative techniques, hybrid thick film machines, SMT machines, reflow, wave soldering machines, manual electromechanical assembly, coating, potting and many more techniques in our production process.

Everything is of course “Made in Holland”!

Hybrid electronics, sensors and heaters, whether it's ceramic insulation plates (substrates), microelectronics, power electronics, electrodes, sensors, heaters and even LED engines, the ceramics are printed “in house”. This is done with one of the most modern hybrid screen printing lines in Europe. Materials that are available are used. The materials used create the perfect properties for the desired application. We can realize from prototype to volume production.

LED Lighting Technology

Applications for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, retail, entertainment or other special applications. To produce a high quality and reproducible product, we have the knowledge and facilities in the field of LEDs (CSP to high power), drivers (separate or integrated), optics (diffuse or lenses) and mechanics (heat sinks and housings). If you only want a LED engine, LED module or an end product, we can provide you with every phase of the end product: application engineering.

PCBA to complete end products

Printed circuit board assembly, subsystems, modules and end products with these electronics integrated is done by us under one roof, largely for OEM customers as you can read further on the website. All products are produced and checked through SPI and AOI, after which a final test and possibly a burn-in test is undergone.