• Develop, manufacture and supply electronic products using thick film hybrid technology, LED lighting technology, EMS, OEM and ceramics.
  • Focus on the field of thermodynamics, sensors, LED lighting technology and EMS/OEM production and use the knowledge, experience and facilities.
    Combining people and facilities to make the technology more marketable. Also training people so that well informed decisions can be taken that contribute positively to the organization.
  • Without making any concessions to quality, reliability, honesty, integrity and service, to receive the highest appreciation from the market.
  • Doing business in a socially and economically responsible manner.

  • Vision

  • BHC strives to be a very reliable supplier, both in terms of innovation, quality and meeting agreements.
  • BHC realizes the highest possible customer satisfaction: realizes and evaluates every 2 years.
    BHC provides good, if necessary, highly-qualified employees with whom BHC can realize a very efficient organization for customers.
  • BHC acts entirely in accordance with the norms of the Dutch government, also with regards to humanitarian, safety and environmental issues.
  • BHC ensures a healthy financial basis for the customers, suppliers, staff and investors, thus guaranteeing continuity.

  • Strategy

  • The competition is very strong and therefore BHC focuses on the core business with which a good 'time to market' is realized. We are driven by innovative technological knowledge. We are driven by innovative technological knowledge.
  • Quality is a way of life and can only be realized if it is supported by the entire organization. Only then do we achieve a very high level of quality that is improved time and again.
    The customer is king. We listen carefully to the questions and comments of our customers. This allows us to demonstrate our added value on the developments and products of these customers.
  • The organization must grow, invest, innovate and, therefore, achieve good results. It must be good and efficient.
  • Personnel are the most important thing for our organization. Our success depends entirely on the talented and motivated people, who also share in the results of the company.

  • Quality

  • BHC will strive for the highest level of quality related to the market and/or products. Furthermore, BHC will strive to be an example to others in the field of mentality, dedication, honesty, integrity and service.
  • BHC staff is carefully selected so that they can perfectly execute their function in a motivated environment. BHC has chosen this so that the organization can work efficiently and effectively.
    BHC acts proactively on quality, environmental and working conditions. At this moment BHC is ISO 9001 certified. All our customers are informed about last year's performance.
  • BHC conducts a customer satisfaction survey (CSS) every two years. Every year improvement processes are set in motion.