PCBA EMS Electronics

BHC develops and produces PCBAs on behalf of customers. In some cases, the product is ready but the customer merely wants a customized product (jobbing). Sometimes a customer has a product but needs it to be optimized and ready for production. This involves many things such as availability and delivery time components, manufacturability and optimization, specifications and of course, pricing.
What we also often see is that a customer just has an idea but together we come to a program of demand (POD). After this we go through a number of steps: milestones of feasibility; prototype; field test series; zero series; and then production. In 's Heerenberg we have all facilities to assemble these PCBs and we work according to common market standards. Whether it’s about mounting, isolating or finishing and testing: everything takes places in accordance with the standards.
BHC in 's-Heerenberg has three fully automated lines for small series and volume production and/or simple circuits to high-end solutions that are inspected visually by automatic optical inspection (AOI). All lines use a solder paste inspection (SPI) system so a customer knows in advance whether the basis with which they start production is good. The subsequent vision systems in the SMD lines then check the insertions. After this, wave soldering, selective soldering or soldering by reflow takes place and if necessary, taken elsewhere and tested.