Job vacancies

Ask any BHC employee what he or she thinks of the company and you will always get the same answer: They’re proud to be working for BHC. Curious to find out which job vacancies and internships are available at BHC in s’-Heerenberg? Take a look at our job vacancies and respond quickly to a vacancy that appeals to you. We are always interested in talented and enthusiastic people in the technical, commercial and production fields. For the future. Send your application and resume to

BHC in short

Bergh Hybrid Circuits BV (BHC) is a development, production and assembly company for electronic circuits, LED substrates, heating elements and sensors, and OEM products. Partly based on thick film technology, also called hybrid technology, In addition, BHC focusses on activities like electronic manufacturing services (EMS), which is a service for the mounting and assembly of simple to high-performance and complex electronic products with or without housing. The focus of this is on small and medium numbers for conventional assembly and large numbers for the SMA (surface mounted assembly). Through our knowledge and years of experience in the field of hybrid technology, BHC is able to tackle almost all challenges in the field of thermodynamics, power electronics, light problems, high frequency, miniaturization and sensors.