BHC researches, develops and designs specific materials for production. We use a 5-step plan called milestones.

Step 1We investigate whether the requested goals are feasible: technically, production-wise and commercially.
Step 2 We design a prototype. This is a pioneer design, using all kinds of tools to prove its functionality.
Step 3We start designing the actual products. We take into account it being put to use and fitting into a higher assembly.
Step 4 To convert it to a production environment and make a small series. Here we do use the actual production machines and conditions.
Step 5We create the technical file with the corresponding work instructions. Everything is recorded in this file and cannot be changed without written permission from the customer.
All products, such as heaters, sensors, electronics, LED engines and systems or total solutions, go through the abovementioned steps. Each customer gets an assigned engineer per project who is responsible throughout the entire process and thereafter. This creates clear and short communication channels to quickly deal with all issues while going through these milestones, even if there are any questions afterwards from the market. A team is assembled for larger projects that require multiple disciplines, which includes all specialties including mechanical design, hardware electronics, software, LED, optics, materials knowledge, testing and more.
Once production is underway, we make sure there’s continuity and that we’re constantly working on process improvements and product optimization. This to get the best price/quality ratio and to use the latest technologies. We would like to invite you to visit our factory.