OEM ODM Assembly

We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience and are always happy to help customers. Our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers use this expertise to realize the entire process from packaging to shipping to the end user. BHC owns the intelligent property (IP) technology; the customer always owns the IP product. For this reason, BHC is the silent force behind many products on the market. In consultation with our customers, we develop and produce modules or end products according to the specifications and qualification desired by the customer This can be in the field of heating, controlling, measuring, regulating, lighting and much more – here lie our expertise. In these products there is always a heater and/or sensors and/or electronic controllers, or LED engines with and without drivers and the corresponding mechanics.
BHC is eigenlijk een ODM ( Original design manufacturer). We devise, develop and manufacture for companies that want to market their brand name. Their focus is marketing and sales; BHC is the solution provider behind these OEM firms.
These customers can take advantage of our years of know-how in engineering, mechanical design, software design, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) production, testing, product assembly, molding and coating, and logistics. We can ensure that more than a standard solution or product is realized. This is because our wide variety of knowledge in various markets, which are characterized by their large variety of products. The power of innovation!