Bergh Hybrid Circuits

The Power of innovation

Bergh Hybrid Circuits BV (BHC) is a development, production and assembly company for electronic circuits, LED substrates, heating elements and sensors, and OEM products.

Partly based on thick film technology, also called hybrid technology, these are electronic circuits on ceramic base materials. In addition, BHC focusses on activities like electronic manufacturing services (EMS), which is a service for the mounting and assembly of simple to high-performance and complex electronic products with or without housing.

With over 35 years of experience, BHC has the knowledge and expertise to address almost all the challenges in the field of thermodynamics, power electronics, light problems, high frequency, miniaturization and sensors. We are a true solution provider. Developments that require specific materials, knowledge and experience of our team are a welcoming challenge for us. BHC has all the disciplines you need, from CAD design, mechanical, hardware and software to complete final production. BHC also has what it takes to realize feasibility studies, proto and zero series to high volume production. We contribute solutions during our close cooperation with the customer. Applications are available in almost all market segments such as industry, lighting, horticulture, medical, office, domestic and many more. The biggest advantage of BHC is that it has all disciplines under one roof – it’s the power of innovation. A success that has proven itself over and over again.